Working for someone else can only get you so far in life – sometimes it feels like it’s getting you nowhere at all!

Do you feel confident that you’re creating a positive future for yourself and your family? If not, then are you ready for something different – a better lifestyle, more rewards, more choice, more freedom, more fun and more satisfaction?

Demand for our cleaning services outstrips supply – so this is your chance to join our team
and really “clean up” financially!


If you’d like to run your own successful business but aren’t sure where to start, here are a few reasons why you should consider becoming a James’ Home Services Franchisee:

For starters, you can:

  • Earn approximately $500 to $2000 per week, by working to an easy-to-follow and proven system
  • Choose your own hours
  • Join a well-known, reputable and long-established franchising network (Finalist, Service Category, 2007 Franchise Council of Australia’s “Excellence in Franchising” Award)
  • Work with your spouse or partner, or other family member or friend (or on your own)
  • Get all the ongoing training, support and marketing you need to succeed
  • Meet new people and make a living doing something rewarding and enjoyable
  • Experience the satisfaction and financial security that comes with building up a successful business

Our training, support and marketing are second to none. If you’re willing to learn, and follow the James’ Home Services systems, you’ll reap the rewards.


As we cater to middle-to-upper income earners, the demand for services remains at a reasonably consistent level, whether during times of economic growth or recession.  The only real change is that in periods of greater unemployment, there is more demand for franchises.

James’ Home Services fully supports and operates in accordance with the Australian Franchising Code of Conduct.


Over 95% of our Service Franchisees have never been involved
in running a business before. We’re able to offer everyday, ordinary people the chance to become the managers of their own successful pet grooming business, with no previous experience, special knowledge or qualifications required.


Franchising is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the Australian economy. If you’ve never owned a business before, becoming a James’ Home Services Franchisee helps lower the risks of starting out, and offers you some real advantages, including:

Initial Training 

Most new business owners hope to figure everything out as they go along. We’ll not only tell you but show you all you need to know, from the right way to clean a bathroom to the right way to do your book-keeping, how to deal with clients, hire staff, increase your business and everything in between.

Ongoing Support 

With regular coaching in all aspects of your business, meetings with other franchisees, and your regional “mentor” available whenever you need advice or assistance, it’s your own business but you’ll never feel like you’re out on your own.

Marketing & Advertising

You get the instant advantage of belonging to a trusted, nationally-recognised brand name company, plus the benefits of regular advertising and marketing campaigns, with leads passed on to you by our 24/7 national call centre.

Lower Costs, Better Business 

No need to rent expensive premises, because you can run your business from home. (You also save by buying your cleaning products direct in-house.) We’ll even help you find the best deal on insurance and finance for your business.

Designed For Success 

We can only succeed if you’re successful. That’s why our systems are designed to ensure your franchise runs smoothly and makes good money. James’ Home Services are confident that we offer an outstanding, proven system that will help you create your own successful business. Don’t just take our word for it, though – we want you to do your homework, ask questions and talk to other James’ Home Services franchise holders to help you make the right decision.